Metal Design Engineering (MDE), based in Austria, is one of the largest and most successful façade design and engineering companies in the curtain wall industry in Europe. MDE is specialized in the Design and Engineering of:

- Curtain Walls: Unitized System and Stick System

- Metal Structures

- Point Glazed (Spider) Walls including Support Frames such as Glass Fins, Tensioned Cable Trusses

- Skylights & Canopies

- Cladding & Roofing

Glassline and MDE structural engineers work jointly on engineering customized solutions answering the conceptual design challenges of the architects and consultants. Utilizing the latest innovative systems and materials, the concept of “dematerialization” of façades and structures is achieved, thus allowing for the highest levels of transparency, while ensuring the structural integrity and providing sustainable engineering solutions. Furthermore, for all projects executed with MDE, the client benefits from MDE’s design liability insurance.