Quality pervades every aspect of Glassline’s culture and is essential to our commitment to our clients. Through constant research and development, continuous improvement, quality control and the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Glassline ensures that all clients receive a service with high quality standards.

Glassline’s systems undergo stringent tests for weather tightness, seismic movements, building movements, dynamic, impact, acoustics and fire rating. Such tests are carried out by third party accredited laboratories or in the presence of technical control bodies.

The CMA-CGM façade was tested in Dubai at Al-Futtaim Bodycote, third party accredited laboratories.

Testing was successfully carried out and covered:

- Air infiltration

- Static air pressure water penetration

- Dynamic air pressure water penetration, with a 600 Pa differential created by an airplane propeller

- Wind resistance - serviceability, with pressure differential pulses of +1600 Pa and

-1600 Pa and safety with pressure differential pulses of +2400 Pa and -2400 Pa

- Building movement (seismic) - serviceability

- Building movement (seismic) – safety, with the mid-height support beam displaced 10.5mm

- Impact test - hard body & soft body